So, the Ghasri valley is my favourite beach on Gozo. Normally nobody is there, the water is always crystal clean, the rocks and all nature made artifacts are just perfect.

Luckily it is not so easy to find the valley. One must take the road from Ghasri to Xwenji bay, or go down from iz-Zebbug on the LEFT side (and don't take the right side road to Marsalforn. When you are in the last curve before the salt pans just take the little tiny road on your left again. The valley can be seen only from the last 10 meters of walking, a secret gem for sure.

The fjord-looking tiny beach is clean now, because the Hungarian volunteers (khhm) clean it every second month.

The water is not always friendly in the Wied L-Ghasri, sometimes 2 and a half meter high waves are running through between the rocks. Never ever even think about swimming between those waves!


If you start to swim from the valley, it takes 5-8 minutes till the end, where the see opens and the water is crystal clear and deep and is full of colourful fishes.


Then you turn to your right and after more 5 to 10 minutes of swimming you will arrive to the Cathedral cave (here are some details about it)


If you visit Gozo, do not forget to go and take a swim here, just the best beach of Gozo!