There are a lot of secret or hidden beaches on the island of Gozo(Gozo means Joy). Cathedral cave is one of them on the northern side of the island between Xwejni bay and Wied l-Ghasri.

Luckily there is no sandy beach around the cave so the tourists usually never find it, or if they find the cave, they are too afraid to go down the ladder.


Inside the cave you can swim or just walk around. What can we find inside the cave? According to the

"Once inside the cave you will be able to surface and understand why it is called Cathedral Cave; the walls are covered in corals, hydroids, sponges and golden zoanthids. The Cathedral Cave dive in Gozo is a perfect place for underwater photography as the sunlight from the arch of the entrance and the many holes and cracks in the ceiling create amazing blue lights.

Cathedral Cave is good for all levels of diving skills and the depth of the cave is 12-30 meters, with average visibility of 25 meters. "

Before you enter the cave, there are same natural jacuzzis for fun

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